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We have a designated compliance department that ensures that all necessary licensing and bonding requirements are in place for collection activity. Strict compliance procedures are in place to maintain the integrity of our clients and customers alike. Highest standards of professionalism, integrity and ethics are maintained to ensure effective compliance. Compliance management structure is set up to monitor all collection activity and is headed by a compliance manager.

Compliance Management Ensures

  • Employees are trained and retrained in various collection laws and legislation regularly.
  • Quality Assurance and training.
  • Licensing and bonding.
  • Insurances.
  • Enforcement of IT Policy
  • Background checks of employees.
  • Complaint handling.

The goal here is to recover the most amount of money in the shortest time frame without compromising quality and compliance. In fact at Firstline we believe that stronger and effective compliance leads to bigger and better results which make our organization and our client look stronger. The Compliance Manager can be reached by:

  • Phone: (416) 480-2202
  • Mail:
    C/o Compliance Manager

    Firstline Credit Management Inc.

    Suite 10 & 11, 245 Matheson Blvd East

    Mississauga, Ontario L4Z 3C9

At FCM Access control systems are installed to make the facility more secure. FCM is under video surveillance for 24 hours to monitor all exit and entry points of the premises, secure the assets from illegal access from outside and within, and monitor the staff efficiency and performance. FCM follows a strict code for keeping a clean desk policy. The external USB slot, USB flash drives and disk drive usage on the computer machines are disabled for the security measurement in regards to the data security provisions. Visitor access logs are regularly maintained.

At FCM the electronic technology goes beyond average. We use several layers of security mechanisms to ensure that your dealings at FCM are safe and secure. Sophisticated monitoring and reporting processes, as well as prevention, detection and timely response are a part of FCM security environment. Documents containing personal information are shredded on a regular basis. Policies and procedures are in place for the protection of electronic data and data in general. FCM is a PCI Compliant organization.

To ensure the protection of electronic data, all access to our servers, firewalls, drives is monitored through logged attempts. FCM has anti-spam, intrusion monitors and anti-virus in place which are enabled through SonicWALL. For FCM, protection of its client’s database is of the utmost importance and we are proud to say that we use the best and most effective tools to achieve it.